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  • Oscar de la Renta
  • Pre-Fall 2013

This week has seen a lot of stunning collections from designers for pre-fall 2013, however nothing can ever quite compare to the beauty that is anything created by mister Oscar de la Renta.

As always the collection was ladylike, ultra feminine and luxurious yet this time we saw Oscar play with a new silhouette comprised of long a-line skirts and trousers with high waists that were outfitted with thick belts and paired with matching jackets or soft shirts. The heavy embellishments and jewels that were prevalent in both his spring 2013 and fall 2012 collections were kept at a minimum and left as accessories such as necklaces, broaches and belts. Tweed, silk, chiffon, georgette, chambray, and organza came in turquoise, dusty pink, apricot, beige, black and burgundy tones.

My only complaint would have to be the novelty patterned tights that were featured in many of the looks as they were distracting and felt a bit too young. However, this complaint is instantly forgotten after glazing at the stunning gowns that you may click here to admire.

I consistently have a very difficult time trying to pick my favourite looks from Oscar’s collections to post so I highly encourage you to click here and watch the show and see them all. 

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