A few months ago while I was perusing the internet I came across the most exciting thing I ever saw - new Sailor Moon anime was to be released in the summer of 2013. Don’t act like you are not also excited because I know you are. Most girls I know - and a few guys for that matter, all wanted to be a specific Sailor Scout at one point or another growing up. I for one wanted to be Sailor Venus. Sailor Venus had long beautiful blonde hair and an adorable bow that matched her little mary jane pumps. Sailor Venus was also the only other scout to have a talking kitty at her disposal and was famous to boot. 

Anyways, you can imagine my excitement when two of the loves of my life, fashion and Sailor Moon, were brought together in such an adorable and on trend way. Over the past year the art of fashion illustration has come a long way, becoming increasingly more popular and etched its own spot in our hearts here in the blogging world. 

Fashion Illustrator Jerome Lamaar has imagined up a very fun reinterpretation of various popular looks from the Spring 2013 collections. The Sailor Scouts alongside Jem, Daria and Betty Boop rock pieces from the likes of PradaGivenchy, Dries Van Noten, CélineBalenciaga and more.

Just one more thing for me to be jealous of Sailor Venus for. 

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(Source: fashionmagazine.com)

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